Covid-19 Salon Safety Procedures

  • All clients and staff must be Covid-19 double vaccinated as a condition of entry to Milk & Honey Hair as per NSW Health & Government guidelines.

  • Clients will be required to sign in using the NSW services QR code and show photo ID as proof to match.

  • The salon will be capped at a 5 client capacity as per government restrictions.

  • Clients must wait outside the salon for a staff member to welcome them in. We may also call or text with instructions if we are running early or late to avoid waiting.

  • Face masks are required for salon entry. Disposable face masks will be offered to all clients. Milk & Honey Hair will not be liable for any colour on a personal face mask should you wish to wear one.

  • Sanitizing station on arrival.

  • 4sq meter rule applies- we will be leaving a chair between each client where possible.

  • Chair signage to determine clean & dirty areas.

  • All staff are offered aprons for additional protection and will be sanitizing between clients.

  • We have drop down protective screens between each basin at our spa area.

  • All beverages will be made in disposable cups and all snacks will come packaged.

  • We will be using disposable disinfectant wipes as part of our Covid safe cleaning procedures.

  • Biodegradable disposable towels will be used for all basin services.

  • All other towels will be placed in our towel bin after one use to be sent for professional cleaning.

There is no greater length than keeping our staff and guests safe. We hope to see you all soon.

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